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Boost 4 click
Boost 4 click carries the TPS61230A, a high efficiency fully integrated synchronous boos..
Boost click
Boost click carries Microchip’s MIC2606, a 2MHz, PWM DC/DC boost switching regulat..
Boost-INV 2 click
Advanced switching control of the TPS65131 with a self-learning feedback correction characteristic..
Boost-INV click
High integration rate of the Boost-INV click allows it to use a low number of external components...
Buck-Boost 2 click
Buck-Boost 2 click is an advanced DC-DC step-down/step-up regulator (buck/boost), which is able to..
Buck-Boost 3 Click
This device is capable of providing reasonably high current on the output. The frequency of the in..
Buck-Boost click
Buck-Boost click™ features LTC3129-1, a buck-boost DC/DC conversion integrated cir..
C5000™ Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack
The Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-C55AUDIO1) is a plug in board for the MSP430&trad..
Capacitive Touch Booster Pack(430BOOST-SENSE1)
Description The Capacitive Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-SENSE1) is a plug in board for the MSP430 ..
CC110L Air Module BoosterPack
Description The CC110L RF BoosterPack is a low-power wireless transceiver extension kit for use w..
CC3000 BoosterPack
Description The CC3000 BoosterPack showcases the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3000 module, a self-co..
click BOOSTER PACK is an extension for Texas Instruments Stellaris® LM4F120 LaunchPad. It..
Click BoosterPack 2
Click BoosterPack 2 is an extension for Texas Instruments LaunchPads™ with th..
Compact, Low Power, Wireless Voltage/Current Monitor Reference Design for SimpleLink Wi-Fi
The IMETER-BOOST is a BoosterPack that can be added to LaunchPads to allow customers to evaluate the..
DLP- RF430CL330H NFC T4BT Platform BoosterPack
Description The DLP-RF430BP, from third party provider DLP Design, is an add-on board designed to..

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