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DC MOTOR 4 click
DC MOTOR 4 click is capable of driving motors with a supply voltage from 4.5V to 36..
DC MOTOR 5 click
DC MOTOR 5 click carries the DRV8701 brushed DC motor gate driver from Texas Instrume..
DC MOTOR 7 Click
Equipped with the specialized motor driver IC, DC MOTOR 7 click can be used for any application th..
DC Motor 8 click
DC Motor 8 click is a DC motor driver. It can drive simple DC motors with brushes, providing th..
DC Motor 9 Click
This Click board™ is optimized for driving brushed DC motors. it integrates an efficient H-B..
DC MOTOR click
DC MOTOR click is a DC motor driver board in mikroBUS form factor. It features the DRV8833RTYH-..
DeviceDrive Click
DeviceDrive Click is a complete Cloud-on-Module solution with Wi-Fi functionality and an integr..
DHT22 2 click
DHT22 2 click is used for measuring the environmental temperature and relative humidity. It use..
DHT22 click
Description DHT22 click is a temperature and humidity measurement board carrying the sensor of ..
Diff Press Click
The MPXV7007DP sensor is shaped so two small tubes can be attached to it, simplifying its practica..
Diff pressure click
Diff pressure click carries NXP’s MPXV5010DP signal conditioned, temperature co..
DIGI POT 2 click
Description DIGI POT 2 click is a mikroBUS™ add-on board with a single channel digital po..
DIGI POT 3 click
DIGI POT 3 click is a versatile and feature-rich digital potentiometer click with 1024 steps an..
DIGI POT 4 click
DIGI POT 4 click is a digitally controlled dual potentiometer, with the resistance of 10KΩ. I..
DIGI POT 5 click
DIGI POT 5 click is a digitally controlled quad potentiometer, with the resistance ..

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