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9DOF click
9DOF click carries ST’s LSM9DS1 inertial measurement module that combines a 3D accel..
AC Current click
AC Current click can measure alternating currents up to 30A and it features the&nbs..
AC Current click - bundle
AC Current click bundle With AC Current click bundle (AC Current click + AC Current Sen..
Accel 11 click
With the total height of 1.10mm, the BMA456 is well suited for using it in wearable and handheld d..
Accel 3 click
Description Accel 3 click carries the H3LIS331DL a low-power high-performance 3-..
Accel 5 click
With its ultra-low power consumption, onboard data processing, output data lowpass filtering, and ..
Accel 6 click
Accel 6 click is a three-axis acceleration sensor with many features. It uses the BMA280, a 1..
Accel 7 click
The acceleration sensing is based on the principle of measuring the differential capacitance, whic..
Accel 8 Click
MPU6050 is produced utilizing the innovative Nasiri Fabrication platform, specialized in MEMS prod..
Accel click
Accel Click is an accessory board in mikroBUS form factor. It features ADXL345 3-axis ac..
Accel2 click
Accel 2 click carries ST’s LIS3DSH IC, a low-power factory-calibrated three-axis a..
ADAC click
ADAC click is an 8-channel 12-bit ADC, DAC and GPIO. It carries the AD5593R configu..
Adapter click
Adapter Click™ is a breakout board which simplifies connection of add-on boards with IDC10 h..
ADC 18 Click is a compact add-on board that contains a high-performance data converter. This bo..
ADC 4 click
ADC 4 click is an advanced analog to digital multichannel converter, which can sample inputs ..

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