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ADC 5 click
Description ADC 5 click is a device used to sample an analog voltage on the input and conv..
ADC 6 click
A precise ADC module with flexible signal routing ADC 6 click is an advanced 24bit multich..
ADC 7 click
A high dynamic range of this click allows it to be used for very precise sampling of the input vol..
ADC 8 Click
ADS1115 can operate either in continuous or in a single-shot mode. While operating in a single-sho..
ADC click
Description ADC click carries the MCP3204 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter. Th..
ADC2 click
ADC 2 click carries MCP3551/3, which is a 22-bit ADC with automatic internal offset and gain ..
ADC3 click
ADC3 click carries Microchip’s MCP3428 16-bit multichannel analog-to-digital conve..
Air quality 2 click
Air quality 2 click carries the iAQ-Core Indoor Air Quality sensor that measures VO..
Air quality 3 click
Air quality 3 click is the air quality measurement device, which is able to output both equiv..
Air quality 4 click
Air quality 4 click is an advanced air quality sensing device that combines multiple metal-oxid..
Air quality 5 click
Air quality 5 click is a triple MOS sensor on a single Click board™, which can detect g..
Air quality click
Air quality click is a simple solution for adding a high sensitivity sensor for detecting a v..
Alcohol 3 click
The Click board™ contains the required resistances used to form a voltage divider with the s..
Alcohol click
Alcohol click has a high sensitivity to alcohol and it can be used to detect alcohol in ..
AlphaNum G click
Description AlphaNum click is a simple solution for adding 14-segment alphanumeric display to y..

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