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Gravity: Throw-in Type Liquid Level Transmitter
Introduction This throw-in type liquid level transmitter adopts high-performance pressure sensing..
Gravity: Triple Axis Accelerometer FXLN8361
INTRODUCTION 3-Axis acceleration sensor is an electronic equipment which could measure the accele..
Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module
Gravity: UART & I2C NFC Module adopts NXP PN532, a highly integrated NFC communication..
Gravity: UART A6 GSM & GPRS Module
INTRODUCTION With the blooming development of IoT (Internet of Things), more and more people ar..
Gravity: UART Infrared CO2 Sensor (0-50000ppm)
INTRODUCTION DFRobot released its latest wide range Arduino infrared CO2 sensor, which effectiv..
Gravity: Voice Recorder Module
INTRODUCTION This is the latest voice recorder module with integrated record and play functions..
Gravity: Waterproof DS18B20 Sensor Kit
INTRODUCTION If you are familiar with our product, you will find there is waterproof temperature ..
Gravity:Analog Grayscale Sensor For Arduino
INTRODUCTION This gray scale sensor is able to measure the intensity of light from black to white..
Gravity:Digital IR Receiver Module
INTRODUCTION Infrared devices are widely used, and often for remote controlled devices. With this..
Gravity:DIGITAL IR Transmitter Module
INTRODUCTION An infrared transmitter is simply a Light Emitting Diode which generates IR light (i..
Gravity:Terminal Sensor Adapter V2.0
INTRODUCTION This is  universal sensor adapter V2.0, it can be accessed by digital input mod..
GSM Antenna with Magnetic Base (3m)
INTRODUCTION This is a GSM antenna with SMA connector. Its magnetic base can be easily adsorbed o..
Hexa Base Rotate Kit
INTRODUCTION The Hexa Base Rotate Kit is perfect for rotating a large mass. It can easily su..
High Power Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board
INTRODUCTION Starting to build your dream Speakers with this Bluetooth Power Amplifier board! Thi..
HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar
INTRODUCTION HPS-3D160-U is the newest generation high-performance solid-state LiDAR sensor based..

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