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Gravity:Terminal Sensor Adapter V2.0
INTRODUCTION This is  universal sensor adapter V2.0, it can be accessed by digital input mod..
GSM Antenna with Magnetic Base (3m)
INTRODUCTION This is a GSM antenna with SMA connector. Its magnetic base can be easily adsorbed o..
Hexa Base Rotate Kit
INTRODUCTION The Hexa Base Rotate Kit is perfect for rotating a large mass. It can easily su..
High Power Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board
INTRODUCTION Starting to build your dream Speakers with this Bluetooth Power Amplifier board! Thi..
HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar
INTRODUCTION HPS-3D160-U is the newest generation high-performance solid-state LiDAR sensor based..
Hurt Locker (Fake Defusable Bomb) Kit
INTRODUCTION Time to be a hero! As one of the DFRobot classics, the Hurt Locker Kit allows you to..
I2S Microphone Module
Introduction This high sensitivity single microphone module features MSM261S4030H0 digital silico..
iBeacon Module (Bluetooth 4.0)
INTRODUCTION What is iBeacon? iBeacon is a protocol standardised by Apple and introduced at th..
ICE-Tower Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi
INTRODUCTION Fix the Raspberry Pi’s overheating issue with this ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan t..
This product has been discontinued by manufacturer. INTRODUCTION UHF RFID MODULE-USB,this RFID..
Immersible Pump & WaterTube
INTRODUCTION This immersible pump can be used to water your plants, make a fountain or waterfall,..
Industrial pH Electrode - Armor Casing
INTRODUCTION This pH combination electrode is made of sensitive glass membrane with low impedance..
Input Shield for Arduino
INTRODUCTION The upgraded Arduino Input Shield includes a two axis mini joystick (with moment swi..
Intel Galileo Gen 2 Development Board
INTRODUCTION What will you make? The Intel® Galileo Gen 2 board is the first in a family of ..
LattePanda - 4GB/64GB with Enterprise License
INTRODUCTION You are viewing a 4GB RAM LattePanda Windows 10 mini PC with 64GB eMMC mem..

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