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Monocrystalline Solar Panel (5V 1A)
INTRODUCTION This is a high-performance, lightweight, portable monocrystalline silicon solar pa..
MP2636 Power Booster & Charger Module
INTRODUCTION In many applications, we will use lithium batteries as our power solutions. In thi..
Multi USB/RS232/RS485/TTL Converter
INTRODUCTION Multiplexer has a set of interfaces for a variety of multi-function adapter plates. ..
MXChip Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Kit
INTRODUCTION Why are people always discussing the IoT? Why is IoT called the ‘extension o..
Namiki 12V Coreless DC Motor 120rpm w/Encoder (16.5kg*cm)
INTRODUCTION This geared motor is made from Japan; its model is 22CL-3501PG. It comes with the ph..
NFC Classic Sticker
INTRODUCTION NFC classic sticker (13.56MHz) is widely used in electronic locks or customer identi..
NFC Module for Arduino
INTRODUCTION Near Field Communications (NFC) is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typic..
NFC Tag (Round)
INTRODUCTION NFC Tag (13.56MHz) is widely used in electronic locks or customer identification as ..
Non-contact Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor
This is a non-contact liquid level sensor with status indicator and adjustable sensitivity. It can b..
Non-contact IR Temeperature Sensor For Arduino
INTRODUCTION We can divide temperature measurement in to two types: contact and non-contact. Co..
OBD-II Extension Cable
This product has been Discontinued.  This is OBD-II male to female extension flat cable. It ..
Particle Photon
INTRODUCTION The Photon is a tiny Wi-Fi development kit for creating connected projects and ..
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Power Shield (Arduino Compatible)
INTRODUCTION Most project of Arduino may need more than two voltage supply. When feed with from 4..
Prototyping Hat for Raspberry Pi
INTRODUCTION This Raspberry Pi prototyping shield is compatible with models B+, 2B and newest 3..
Pure Copper Heatsink Pack x 5
INTRODUCTION This high quality, low profile, pure copper heatsink is a perfect solution for cooli..

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