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H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A
Description Faster, cheaper, smaller, better, right? The SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge is just that..
Half-Size Breadboard
Features: Convenient breadboard for constructing small circuits Self-adhesive backing One ..
Ham Radio Workbench Bundle
Ham Radio Workbench is a podcast that provides bi-weekly discussion on topics of interest to th..
HDMI Cable (Type A to Type A)
Features: 40" in length Type A to type A HDMI cable ..
HDMI Cable (Type A to Type D Micro)
Features: 40" in length Type A to Type D Micro HDMI cable ..
Heatsink with Clip
This heatsink is a great way to ensure that none of your chips overheat, and with its convenient cli..
High Current Adapter for NI myRIO
With the High Current Adapter, you can use your NI myRIO to interact with high current applications ..
High Speed Logic Probes
The High Speed Logic Probes come in a pack of four twisted cables. Each cable has a GND (black) wire..
Hirose FX2 Socket Connector
This 100-pin socket allows users to build their own boards that interface with the Hirose FX2 expans..
Humidity Phidget
Measure relative humidity and air temperature, in non-condensing environments, with the HUM1001. Thi..
Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery
The Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery was designed with automatically adjusting reference resi..
Introduction to Digital Design Using Digilent FPGA Boards: VHDL
This product has been discontinued By Richard E. Haskell & Darrin M. Hanna LBE Books, 2009..
IR Proximity Sensor (2-pack)
Features: Fairchild QRB1134 Phototransistor Reflective Object Sensor Ideal for use ..
IR Range Sensor
The IR Range Sensor is a great way to add range detection to robotic projects that use Cerebot&trade..
JTAG 2x7 Ribbon Cable
This 6" ribbon cable incorporates multiple signal-ground pairs and facilitates error-free conne..

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