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Adalight - DIY Ambient Monitor Lighting Project Pack
Build your own ambient-light addition for a monitor or media PC television with the Adalight project..
Digital Oscilloscope DIY Kit
This product has been discontinued This kit includes everything you need to build your very own, ..
DIY B/O Spider Robot
INTRODUCTION Owning a spiderman is a colorful dream in everyone’s childhood. Here is the cu..
DIY HDMI Cable: Right-angle HDMI Plug Adapter
HDMI Adapter For DIY HDMI Cable, Vertical/Right-Angle Connector Specification: Category: HD..
DIY HDMI Cable: Straight HDMI Plug Adapter
HDMI Adapter For DIY HDMI Cable, Horizontal/Straight Connector Specifications: Category: HD..
DIY Sensor Film Kit - 4x6" Small Kit
The Sensor Film Kit is a great new way to make custom-sized sensors out of force sensitive material...
Gravity: KnowFlow Basic Kit - A DIY Water Monitoring Basic Kit
INTRODUCTION KnowFlow is designed for environmentalists who want to monitor water quality and get..
Lead Free Solder Electric Soldering Iron With Working Light For DIY Temperature Repair Welding Iron Tools Kit
  Light weight & portable With ligjhts   Switch to the bottom, you..
MiniPOV 4 Kit - DIY Full-Color POV and Light Painting Kit - v4.0
The latest and greatest MiniPOV kit to hit the streets - MiniPOV4! We have added full color RGB LEDs..

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