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Atlas Scientific EZO ORP Circuit
Reads Range Accuracy Max rate Supported probes Calibration Temp. compensation  Data ..
Atlas Scientific EZO pH Circuit
Although it is a common measurement, accurately reading pH is very difficult. Atlas Scientific&rsquo..
ADC121C021 Sound Sensor for Detecting Noise Knock Vibration or Shock using I2C Piezo Sensor
Detect knocks or vibration in your next security/automation project with this plug in solution. T..
Atlas Scientific Basic EZO Inline Voltage Isolator
Specification Data input UART, I2C and SMBus Max data rate 1 MHz ..
Atlas Scientific Electrically Isolated EZO Carrier Board (old style)
The Electrically isolated EZO™ carrier board is an easy way to connect an Atlas Scientific EZO..
Atlas Scientific Electrically Isolated USB EZO Carrier Board
Electrically Isolated USB EZO™ Carrier Board Allows you to connect your Atlas Scientific circu..
Atlas Scientific EZO Adapter
Description The EZO™ Adapter, allows you to connect a 5 pin EZO™ Sensor to a 6 pin so..
Atlas Scientific EZO Carrier Board (Non-Isolated)
This carrier board is a great way to connect to an Atlas Scientific circuit neatly, eliminating the ..
Atlas Scientific EZO Conductivity Circuit
From chemical production to hydroponics, conductivity is a fundamental measurement of water chemistr..
Atlas Scientific EZO Dissolved Oxygen Circuit
Until you’re faced with the challenge, it’s hard to see why anyone would care about diss..
Atlas Scientific EZO RTD Circuit
There is no shortage of temperature probes out there, and the most accurate of all is the platinum R..
Atlas Scientific EZO-CO2 Embedded NDIR Carbon Dioxide Sensor
With all the talk of Co2 these days, you would think it’s easy to detect. But Co2 only cons..
Atlas Scientific EZO-HUM Embedded Humidity Sensor
Description Here at Atlas Scientific, we need very accurate humidity monitoring. If the humidity..
Atlas Scientific EZO-O2 Embedded Oxygen Sensor
Description From environmental monitoring to industrial applications this O2 sensor can be u..
Atlas Scientific EZO-PMP (GREEN)
The EZO-PMP™ comes with: One peristaltic pump with controller, one data cable and one 5 pin m..

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