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Gravity: I2C BME280 Environmental Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Barometer)
INTRODUCTION BME280 is an environmental sensor that integrates onboard temperature sensor, humi..
Gravity: I2C BME680 Environmental Sensor
INTRODUCTION DFRobot BME680 Environmental Sensor is a low power gas, pressure, temperature &..
Gravity: I2C BMI160 6-Axis Inertial Motion Sensor
INTRODUCTION The BMI160 6-axis inertial motion sensor is a new product from DFRobot. It is base..
Gravity: i2C BMP280 Barometer Sensor
INTRODUCTION DFRobot presents our new BMP280 barometer sensor. It can detect air pressure, temp..
Gravity: I2C Digital Wattmeter
INTRODUCTION Gravity: I2C Digital Wattmeter is a high-resolution, high-precision, large-scale mea..
Gravity: I2C DS1307 RTC Module
INTRODUCTION After several months of "Out of Stock", DS1307 RTC module has experience..
Gravity: I2C High Temperature Sensor (K-Type, 800℃)
INTRODUCTION PT100 is suitable for most of the temperature measurement below 400°C, but usu..
Gravity: I2C HUB
INTRODUCTION This Gravity: I2C HUB module is designed to connect up to 8 I2C devices to a main-co..
Gravity: I2C LIS331HH Triple Axis Accelerometer Sensor (±6g/±12g/±24g)
The LIS331HH is a high-performance 3-axis linear accelerometer with an ultra-low power consumption o..
Gravity: I2C Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor (MLX90614-DCI)
INTRODUCTION We can divide temperature measurement in to two types: contact and non-contact. Co..
Gravity: I2C Oxygen Sensor
INTRODUCTION The Gravity: I2C Oxygen Sensor is based on electrochemical principles and it can mea..
Gravity: I2C SD2405 RTC Module
Introduction We're glad to introduce a new member in Gravity family: Gravity I2C SD2405 RTC mod..
Gravity: IO Expansion Shield for Bluno M3
INTRODUCTION Say goodbye to messy cables! This IO shield is a powerful expansion shield for the..
Gravity: IO Expansion Shield for Intel® Edison (without Edison)
INTRODUCTION IO Expansion Shield is one of the market favourites. Fast robotics prototyping made ..
Gravity: IO Sensor Shield For Arduino Mega Due
INTRODUCTION Say goodbye to messy cables and clueless plugging/unplugging! This Mega Sensor Shiel..

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