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Slide Pot - X-Large(10K Linear Taper)
Description:  A simple slide potentiometer can go a long way. Rated at 10kOhm and 0.5W. Come..
Sparkfun QRE1113 Line Sensor Breakout - Analog
Description This version of the QRE1113 breakout board features an easy-to-use analog output, whi..
SparkFun QRE1113 Line Sensor Breakout - Digital
Description This version of the QRE1113 breakout board features a digital output, using a capacit..
TCN75A Temperature Sensor ±0.5°C 12-Bit with 3 Address Lines I2C Mini Module
The TCN75A comes with user-programmable registers that provide flexibility for temperature-sensing a..
TMP100 Temperature Sensor ±2°C 12-Bit with 2 Address Lines I2C Mini Module
The TMP100 device is a digital temperature sensor ideal for NTC and PTC thermistor replacement. The ..
Tracker Sensor, Infrared Line Tracking
5-ch ITR20001/T infrared detector, high sensitivity, anti-jamming, stable performance High prec..
Value Line MSP430 LaunchPad™ Development Kit
Description Step 1: Buy the launchpad Step 2: Do the out-of-box demo Step 3: Download..
Vaseline Glass Bead
In order to test the Beta and Gamma radiation with the Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino ..
Water Leakage / Liquid Detection sensor (Line)
With this new sensor we can detect the presence of water or other conductive liquids in a continuous..
Water Leakage / Liquid Detection Sensor Probe (Line)
This sensor detects conductive liquids anywhere along its length. After it is installed, once the ca..
Wheel Kit (Splined Pair): ABS Injection Molded Wheels Compatible with Digilent Motor Mounts
Rugged ABS Splined wheels for use with GWS servos. Perfect for adding mobility to your robotic proje..

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