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Alcohol, toluene, xylene Organic Solvent Vapors sensor - TGS822
TGS 822 - for the detection of Organic Solvent Vapors The sensing element of Figaro gas sensors i..
Telepresence Speech interaction Face recognition Auto navigation Cloud platform robot clo..
Connected telepresence robot Speech Interaction Face Recognition Auto navigation Cloud pl..
Breadboard GL-12
Description: Your first exposure to electrical engineering - the bread board. Who knew it would ..
CNY 70 Reflective Optical Sensor
The CNY70 is a reflective sensor that includes an infrared  emitter and phototransistor in a l..
The CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gas Sensor is used in gas detection equipment for detecting Carbon Dioxide ..
Color Pigment for Polymorph - 1g - Blue
Polymorph is an non-toxic, lightweight polyester biodegradable thermoplastic, This hand moldabl..
Differential Pressure Sensor for Air - MPXV7002DP
The MPXV7002DP is a dual port, integrated silicon pressure sensor in 8 pin SOIC package. This state ..
Digital Temperature Sensor - DS18B20
This is the latest DS18B20 1-Wire digital temperature sensor from Maxim IC. Reports degrees C with 9..
Disposable ECG Electrodes (10 PCS) - 3M
Disposable ECG Electrode is Ag or AgCl electrode, which consist of base lining material, conductive ..
Door Switch - 3 pin
Description power 10A 152 / 250V with one alternating contact terminal 6.3 x 0.8 mm ..
Electret Microphone
Small electret microphone. Useful in acoustic and audio applications. Documents: Datasheet ..
Electret Microphone - 52dBi [4.5x2.2mm] - Small
50 Pieces Electret Microphone Model: HM4522P-423-G Environmental noise: 36(Maximum) Operation vol..
Electret Microphone - [9.7x6.7mm] - Medium
Feature: Diameter:9.7mm Height:6.7mm Medium Electret Microphone  Pin number:2 ..
ESP8266 Development Board ESP-12F- Mini nodemcu
Witty is the latest version of the all-in-one development board for the hugely popular WiFi IoT chip..

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