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BitStarter Kit - Grove Extension Kit for Micro:bit
BitStarter Kit comes complete with a BitMaker Lite for micro:bit and 3 Grove modules for kids to rea..
BitWear - Smart Wearable for micro:bit
BitWear is a low-cost compact accessory for micro:bit users to make fun wearable gadgets, sew it ont..
BitWearable Kit - Smartwatch with Strap for Micro:bit
This kit includes a 22cm long, 20mm wide watch strap and a BitWear. You can easily turn your micro:b..
bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4
Description The bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 is the next generation Software Defined Radio (SDR) that ha..
BLE Micro EVB- Bluetooth 4.0 Device
INTRODUCTION Bluno is great but I want small size for my product; Ble-link does well in its wor..
Blend Micro - an Arduino Development Board with BLE
This Product has been discontinued. Blend Micro is our first integrated developement board, we ha..
Bluno - An Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board
INTRODUCTION It's time to get Bluetooth 4.0 into your project and sync it up with your phone!..
Bluno Mega 1280 - A Bluetooth 4.0 Micro-controller Compatible with Arduino Mega
INTRODUCTION Last year we introduced you BLUNO - our first Arduino-compatible hardware solut..
Bluno Mega 2560 - An Arduino Mega 2560 with Bluetooth 4.0
INTRODUCTION Bluno has helped tons of ideas become prototypes. Today, please allow me to introduc..
Cactus Micro Rev2 Arduino compatible plus esp8266
Cactus Micro is our integrated developement board, we have mixed Arduino with WI-FI into a single bo..
Circuit Sticker Add-on Sensors and Microcontroller Kit
Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interactive..
Cmod MX1: Breadboardable PIC32MX Microcontroller Module
The Cmod MX1 is a MPIDE compatible board from Digilent. It combines a Microchip® PIC32MX150..
Communications Overlay Shield Adapter for Arduino Micro
The AMXB is perhaps one of our most powerful communication adapters. Add XBeeⓇ communications to ..
CP2102 USB UART Board (micro)
CP2102 USB to UART Module, USB micro connector. The CP2102 USB UART Board (micro) is an..
Dagu Sensor pan/tilt Kit Micro Servo
This pan/tilt kit, designed by the members of "" has mounting holes to s..

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