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ADC121C021 Sound Sensor for Detecting Noise Knock Vibration or Shock using I2C Piezo Sensor
Detect knocks or vibration in your next security/automation project with this plug in solution. T..
ADS1234 24-Bit, Ultra Low-Noise Analog-to-Digital Converter
The ADS1232 and ADS1234 are precision 24-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). With an onboard, l..
BT-200 Bias-tee Low Noise Amplifier
The BT-200 is a wideband bias-tee RX Low Noise Amplifier that draws its current from the bladeRF 2.0..
MMC2460MT ±6 Gauss Low Noise 2-Axis Magnetic Sensor I2C Mini Module
The MMC2460MT is a 2-axis magnetic sensor with on-chip signal processing. The MMC2460MT can measure ..
Noise / Sound Level Sensor Probe
Specifations of the Noise Level Sensor probe Target parameter: LeqA Microphone sensitivity: 12..
Noise click
When the volume of ambient sound reaches the set threshold, an interrupt is triggered. The most imp..
Noise Sensor
The Noise Sensor is used to detect the sound intensity of the environment. NOTE: W..
Pimoroni noise:bit
Description Make your micro:bit sing with noise:bit! It's a tiny speaker that ..

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