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SparkFun MIDI Shield
Description The SparkFun MIDI Shield board gives your Arduino-based device access to the antiquat..
SparkFun Mini GPS Shield
Description The SparkFun Mini GPS Shield equips your Arduino Mini with access to a GPS module, &m..
SparkFun MiniGen - Pro Mini Signal Generator Shield
This is the SparkFun MiniGen Signal Generator, a small shield for the Arduino Pro Mini that is capab..
Sparkfun Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1
This tiny audio amplifier is based on the Texas Instruments TPA2005D1. Its efficient class-D operati..
SparkFun MOSFET Power Control Kit
Description This is the SparkFun MOSFET Power Control Kit, a breakout PTH soldering kit for for t..
SparkFun Motor Driver - Dual TB6612FNG (with Headers)
This product has been replaced by the newer version of SFES ROB-14450. Description The TB6612F..
SparkFun Motor Driver - Dual TB6612FNG (with Headers)
Description The TB6612FNG Motor Driver can control up to two DC motors at a constant current of 1..
SparkFun MP3 Player Shield
Description The SparkFun MP3 Player Shield is an awesome MP3 decoder with the capabilities of sto..
Sparkfun MP3 Trigger
Description Make some noise with your next project! The MP3 Trigger board is built to make MP3 so..
SparkFun Multiplexer Breakout - 8 Channel (74HC4051)
Description The SparkFun Multiplexer Breakout provides access to all pins and features of the 74H..
SparkFun MyoWare Cable Shield
Description The MyoWare Muscle Sensor is now designed to be wearable, allowing you to attach ..
SparkFun MyoWare LED Shield
The MyoWare LED Shield is designed to pair with the MyoWare Muscle Sensor. The blue 10-segment ..
SparkFun MyoWare Muscle Sensor Development Kit
Description Using our muscles to control things is the way that most of us are accustomed to doin..
SparkFun MyoWare Power Shield
Description The MyoWare Power Shield is designed to take two standard CR2032 coin cell batteries ..
SparkFun MyoWare Proto Shield
Description This is the MyoWare Proto Shield, a simple proto-board for your MyoWare Muscle Sensor..

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