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Dragino LoRa Shield - support 868M frequency
Description The Dragino LoRa Shield is a long range transceiver on a Arduino shield form factor a..
Dragino NB-IoT Shield-B8
Description : NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a standards-based low power wide are..
DSLR Universal Interval IR Remote
You may have attracted to Time-lapse movies. In the world of such movies, everything moves very..
DSO Nano v3
Description The DSO Nano V3 is a pocket-size compatible 32bit digital storage oscilloscope. B..
DSO Quad - Aluminium Alloy Black
DSO Quad - Aluminum Alloy now is available at Seeed Studio. A new, rigid, elegant aluminum alloy she..
Eagleye 530s
There are many IoT platform out there in the market, among which we have developed many product kit ..
EasyRadio 433MHZ USB Transmitter for Raspberry Pi
This Product has been discontinued. Utilising proprietary LPRS easyRadio technology operating in ..
Embedded Thermal Printer
This is an embedded thermal printer, which is widely used in various occasions, such as supermarkets..
EMW3165 - Cortex-M4 based WiFi SoC Module
EMW3165 is a low-power embedded Wi-Fi module integrates a wireless LAN MAC/baseband /radio, and a Co..
Energy Monitor Shield with Nokia LCD Screen
This product has been discontinued. Energy Monitor Shield is an Arduino-compatible expansion card..
Energy Shield
Energy Shield is a LiPo battery based power shield that keeps your project alive. It keeps its batte..
ESP-32S Wifi Bluetooth Combo Module
This Product has been discontinued. ESP-32S Wifi Bluetooth combo module is ultra high performance..
Espruino Board
!!SORRY DISCONTINUED..!! Espruino is a small computer that anyone can use to control things aroun..
Espruino Board v1.4
Espruino is a small computer that anyone can use to control things around them. Its JavaScript inter..
Espruino Pico (pinned)
Espruino Pico is a tiny microcontroller board that runs JavaScript (it doesn’t need to be plug..

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