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Atlas Scientific Industrial pH Kit
Are you working with a PLC and aren’t sure what parts are right for you? Let us help you. This..
Atlas Scientific Industrial pH Probe
Designed for industrial process control, the Atlas Scientific industrial pH probe has all the capabi..
Atlas Scientific Industrial pH/ORP/Temp Probe
The Atlas Scientific Industrial pH/ORP/Temp probe is built to last. It has all the sensing capabilit..
Atlas Scientific Industrial Probe Tip Cap
Specification Replacement cap for industrial pH and ORP probes Works for both Gen 1 & Ge..
Atlas Scientific IXIAN Conductivity Transmitter
• 4 – 20mA output • Full E.C. range from 0.07 μS/cm to 100,000+ μS/cm •..
Atlas Scientific IXIAN Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
Specification Reads   -  Dissolved Oxygen Range   -  0.00 mg/L..
Atlas Scientific IXIAN ORP Transmitter
Anyone who has worked with PLCs knows how powerful they are. But, like anything in engineering, PLCs..
Atlas Scientific IXIAN pH Transmitter
Designed with PLCs in mind, the Atlas Scientific IXIAN™ pH transmitter is a simple to use pH t..
Atlas Scientific Replacement Dissolved Oxygen Electrolyte Solution
As a Dissolved Oxygen probe ages, its output signal starts to get weaker. Eventually, you will start..
Atlys Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board
The Atlys circuit board is a complete, ready-to-use digital circuit development platform based on a ..
Atmega8-16AU AVR Microcontroller
The ATmega8 is a low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR RISC architecture. By executi..
ATR - All Terrain Robot By OWI Robotics
• Multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit • Moves forward, backward, turn, grip and lif..
ATtiny85 - 8 Pin 20MHz 8K 4A/D
Description: Atmel's itty-bitty ATtiny85 8-Bit Processor. 8K of program space, 6 I/O lines,..
Baby Orangutan B-328 Robot Controller
The Baby Orangutan is a complete control solution for small robots, all packed into a tiny 1.2"..
Bar02 Ultra High Resolution 10m Depth/Pressure Sensor
The Bar02 Ultra-High Resolution 10m Depth/Pressure Sensor is a low-pressure, high resolution, high a..

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