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Industrial High-Current Monitor 6-Channel 100-600 Max Amps Wired Split Core Dual Interface
NCD Current Monitoring Devices Current monitoring has never been easier, or more accurate using X..
Interface Cable - SMA Female to SMA Male (25cm)
This is a basic SMA (Sub-Miniature A) male to female connector cable. Each cable is 25cm (9.8")..
Jumper Wire 12"(30 cm) - 10 Pack
These premium jumper wires are stranded 26 AWG wires with male terminations on both ends, ..
Knit Conductive Fabric - Silver 20cm square
This knit conductive fabric is 100% silver and super luxe! Use small pieces on the tips of gloves or..
Knit Jersey Conductive Fabric - 20cm square
This knit jersey conductive fabric is 63% cotton, 35% silver yarn and 2% spandex. Use small pieces f..
micro-USB cable (48cm)
Standard micro USB cable. Features: USB A male connector USB Micro B male connector 48c..
Mini-USB Cable 180cm 24AWG
Description 180cm USB 2.0 Cable. The cable includes a common mode choke/filter for noise reduc..
Mini-USB Cable 450cm 20AWG
Description : 450cm USB 2.0 Cable. The cable includes a common mode choke/filter for noise reducti..
MS5805-02BA01 Miniature 24-Bit Altimeter 300 to 1200 mbar 20cm Altitude Resolution 2.5 x 1mm O-ring Sealing I2C Mini Module
From MEAS Switzerland, the MS5805-02BA is a new generation of high-resolution altimeter sensors. ..
MS8607-02BA01 Micro 24-Bit Altimeter 10 to 1200 mbar 20cm Altitude Resolution I2C Mini Module
The MS8607 is the novel digital combination sensor of MEAS providing 3 environmental physical measur..
Namiki 12V Coreless DC Motor 120rpm w/Encoder (16.5kg*cm)
INTRODUCTION This geared motor is made from Japan; its model is 22CL-3501PG. It comes with the ph..
NetFPGA-1G-CML Kintex-7 FPGA Development Board
The NetFPGA-1G-CML is a versatile, low cost network hardware development platform featuring a Xilinx..
Overview : The OAK-D CM4 PoE is an upgraded version of OAK-D-CM4, as PoE is used b..
Overview : Based on the Raspberry PI CMIO board, the OAK-D-CM3 (BW1097) combines a host and the ..
Overview :   Based off of the OAK-D-CM3 and Raspberry PI CM4IO board, the OAK-D ..

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