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Single Spacer

Single Spacer only works on rero Controller's slots. They can work as a spacer to fix the Adapte..

₹39.00 Ex Tax: ₹33.05

Slim Wheel for G15

64mm diameter wheel that incorporated with Cube Servo standard slot is designed for mobile robo..

₹379.00 Ex Tax: ₹321.19


SmartDrive160 is one of the latest smart series motor drivers designed to drive high power brushed D..

₹19,699.00 Ex Tax: ₹16,694.07


After the success of MDS40A and with feedback from users, we have improved it and it is no..

₹6,319.00 Ex Tax: ₹5,355.08


The Cytron's 1st smart motor driver dual channels is ready! SmartDriveDuo10 is smart brush motor..

₹4,549.00 Ex Tax: ₹3,855.08


Finally, it is ready! The smart drive duo-channel 60Amp driver is here! After Cytron's 1st 10Amp..

₹15,159.00 Ex Tax: ₹12,846.61

Starter Kit for Cytron Uno

This is Cytron version of UNO starter kit, we have Arduino UNO starter kit which uses the ..

₹2,659.00 Ex Tax: ₹2,253.39

Stepper Motor

Need a stepper motor for your project? Check this low cost yet small in size unipolar step..

₹639.00 Ex Tax: ₹541.53

Touch Sensor

Another sensor for rero. This is the touch sensor is used to detect touch or bump. Internally t..

₹1,239.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,050.00

U Joint

U-Joint usually work with a Cube Servo and a Rotatable Joint to create a joint of arm for a robot&nb..

₹329.00 Ex Tax: ₹278.81

UART to RS232 Converter

Serial port (DB9) is among the most popular interface between computer and devices such as GSM modem..

₹539.00 Ex Tax: ₹456.78

Ultrasonic Sensor

rero Ultrasonic Sensor is an ultrasonic ranging module which measure distance from the obstacle..

₹1,999.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,694.07

USB ICSP PIC Programmer

UIC00B is designed to program popular Flash PIC Microcontroller which includes most of the PIC famil..

₹1,369.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,160.17

USB PIC Programmer

UP00B is the enhanced version of UP00A. As PIC MCU is gaining its popularity in market for student a..

₹4,419.00 Ex Tax: ₹3,744.92

USB to UART Converter

*UC00A is now in Rev3.0  No more level shifter is necessary for PC to Microcontroller commun..

₹1,039.00 Ex Tax: ₹880.51

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