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DIGI POT click
Description DIGIPOT Click is an accessory board in mikroBUS form factor. It features a single-c..
DigiVref Click
A precisely controlled voltage reference is often required in various designs. It is most commonly..
Driver click
Driver click retains the connection flexibility of the DRV777 IC, offering a nine-pole spring..
Earthquake click
Earthquake click carries D7S, the world’s smallest high-precision seismic sensor f..
ECG 2 click
Track the patterns of your beating heart with ECG 2 click. ECG 2 click contains ADS1194&..
ECG 2 click bundle
ECG 2 click bundle (the click + cable + electrodes) has what you need to st..
ECG 3 Click
A high DC offset range allows it to be used with various electrodes, while the interrupt-based hea..
ECG 4 Click
Note: ECG 4 is a development and prototyping tool. It is not intended to be used for medical treatme..
ECG 5 click
Additional features of the AD8232 include HR LED indicator for visual feedback, adaptive high-pass..
ECG click
This is an ECG (or EKG) machine on a click board. It measures the electrical activity of a beating h..
ECG click bundle
  With the ECG click bundle (click + cable + electrodes) you will b..
ECG/GSR Click is a compact add-on board representing a complete solution for the development of..
EEG click
Monitoring brain activity gains its popularity lately, as due to the fact that many commercially a..
EEPROM 4 click
EEPROM 4 click is 2,097,152 bits on a click board™, organized into 262,144 bytes. In ot..
EEPROM click is an accessory board in mikroBUS form factor. It features 24C08WP - a high..

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