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0.96" OLED Display Module - SPI/I2C - 128X64 - 6 Pin (Blue)
Description This is a 0.96 inch blue OLED display module. The display module can be interfaced wi..
1-Channel 4-20mA Current Loop Receiver 16-Bit ADS1115 I2C Mini Module
This I2C 1-Channel 4-20mA current loop receiver is an ideal companion for monitoring industrial sens..
1-Channel 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter I2C Mini Module
This 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter Board converts I2C Data into a 4-20mA Output using a 12-Bit Dig..
1-Channel DC Current Monitor I2C Mini Module
The ACS714-5 is a very popular Hall Effect current sensor from Allegro MicroSystems with 5-Amps..
1-Channel Signal Relay 1A SPDT I2C Mini Module
This tiny relay controller has been a customer favorite since we first introduced it.  This rel..
1.14inch LCD Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, 65K Colors, 240×135, SPI
1.14" LCD Display Module For Pico Embedded ST7789 Driver, Using SPI Bus Comes with R..
1.8inch colorful display module for micro:bit, 160x128
This is a colorful display module designed for the BBC micro:bit, 1.8inch diagonal, 160x128 pixels, ..
10-DOF IMU Sensor Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, Onboard ICM20948 and LPS22HB Chip
10-DOF IMU Sensor Module For Pico Incorporates 9-Axis Motion Sensor ICM20948 And Baroceptor ..
128x128, General 1.5inch OLED display Module
This is a general OLED display Module, 1.5inch diagonal, 128x128 pixels, 16 gray scale, with embedde..
128x128, General 1.5inch RGB OLED display Module, 16-bit high color
  This is a general RGB OLED display Module, 1.5inch diagonal, 128x128 pixels, 16-bit high c..
128x160, General 1.8inch LCD display Module
This is a general LCD display Module, 1.8inch diagonal, 128x160 pixels, with embedded controller, co..
128x32, General 0.91inch OLED display Module
This is a general OLED display Module, 0.91inch diagonal, 128x32 pixels, with embedded controller, c..
13.56Mhz RFID Module - IOS/IEC 14443 type a
Specification Model: No. RDM880 R/W chip: MFRC500,MFRC400,MFRC531,MFRC632 Standard: ISO/IE..
152x152, 1.54inch E-Ink display module, yellow/black/white three-color
This is an E-Ink display module, 1.54inch, 152x152 resolution, with embedded controller, communicati..
16A Relay Module (Arduino Compatible)
INTRODUCTION A relay is an electrically operated switch, which has a control system (also known..

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