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    Heatshrink tube 4" - 3mm
    Use heat shrink to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed electron..
    Phidgets Slider 60
    The Slider 60 is a linear potentiometer - the resistance varies linearly with the position of the sl..
    Phidgets SSR Relay Board 2.5A
    Solid State Relays, or SSRs, are devices designed to operate like standard relays but without mechan..
    Single Sided ProtoBoard (18x30cm)
    INTRODUCTION This is a soft thin protoboard with hole diameter of 1mm, hole spacing of 2.54mm. ..
    Stackable Header - 3 Pin (Female, 0.1")
    Description This is a simple 3 pin female PTH header. This header is in a configuration that make..

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