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DSLR Universal Interval IR Remote
You may have attracted to Time-lapse movies. In the world of such movies, everything moves very..
DSO Nano v3
Description The DSO Nano V3 is a pocket-size compatible 32bit digital storage oscilloscope. B..
DSO Quad - Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope
This product has been discontinued The DSO Quad is an open-source pocket-sized 4-channel digital ..
Gravity: IR Kit For Arduino
INTRODUCTION This IR kit provides a remote control capability to your project.   DOCUMENT..
Grove - Infrared Emitter
The Infrared Emitter is used to transmit infrared signals through an infrared LED, while there is an..
Grove - Infrared Receiver
The Infrared Receiver is used to receive infrared signals and also used for remote control detection..
HVAC IR Remote Module For Arduino/Raspberry Pi
IR Remote is a small shield that allows you to record anyinfrared command sent by a remote cont..
HVAC IR Remote Shield For Raspberry Pi
IR Remote is a small shield that allows you to record any infrared command sent by a remot..
Infrared (IR) BoosterPack Plug-in Module
Description The BOOST-IR BoosterPack™ Plug-in Module can be plugged into a LaunchPad™..
Infrared Emitters and Detectors
Description Side-looking Infrared Emitters and IR Detectors. These simple devices operate at 940n..
Infrared Sensor Jumper Wire - 3-Pin JST
Description Three pin JST connector with red, black, and yellow colors. 5 inch wire outs. This ca..
IR Optical Sensor Module - TCRT5000 Dual Output (Analog/Digital)
IR transmitter and receiver integrated into one head TCRT5000, detecting not only if there is obstac..
IR Pair 5mm
A standard 5mm IR LED Pair, used in proximity sensors, line sensors, object sensors, etc. ..

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