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CC2541 Mini Development Kit
Description The CC2541DK-MINI development kit provides a working reference design for software de..
ADS1234 24-Bit, Ultra Low-Noise Analog-to-Digital Converter
The ADS1232 and ADS1234 are precision 24-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). With an onboard, l..
Advanced Emulation BoosterPack for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack
This advanced emulation BoosterPack is an accessory for the SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC3100 BoosterPack..
C2000 Delfino MCU F28379D LaunchPad™ development kit
LAUNCHXL-F28379D is a low cost evaluation and development tool for the F2837xD,  F2837xS, and F..
C2000 Piccolo MCU F28027 LaunchPad™ development kit
Description Step 1: Buy the C2000 MCU F28027 LaunchPad Step 2: Step 2: Follow the ..
C5000™ Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack
The Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-C55AUDIO1) is a plug in board for the MSP430&trad..
Capacitive Touch Booster Pack(430BOOST-SENSE1)
Description The Capacitive Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-SENSE1) is a plug in board for the MSP430 ..
CapTivate MCU Development Board
Description The MSP CapTIvate™ MCU Development Kit is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform..
CC110L Air Module BoosterPack
Description The CC110L RF BoosterPack is a low-power wireless transceiver extension kit for use w..
CC1350 Dualband Launchpad for 433MHz/2.4GHz Applications
The SimpleLink™ CC1350 wireless microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad™ development kit combine..
CC2540 Mini Development Kit
This Product is Discontinued by Manufacturer.This Page is for Reference Only. The CC2540DK-MINI d..
CC2540 USB Dongle
The CC2540 USB Evaluation Module Kit contains one CC2540 Bluetooth low energy USB Dongle. The dongle..
CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit
This Product has been Discontinued. The CC2541 SensorTag is the first Bluetooth Smart d..
CC3000 BoosterPack
Description The CC3000 BoosterPack showcases the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3000 module, a self-co..
CC3200 WiFi SensorTag
The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 SensorTag development kit is one of the quickest and easiest..

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