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50 Channel GP-635T GPS Receiver
This product is replaced by a new version of SFE GPS-13670  The GP-635T is a slim G..
Adafruit FONA 808 - Mini Cellular GSM + GPS Breakout
Cellular + GPS tracking, all in one? Oh yes! Introducing Adafruit FONA 808 MiniGSM + GPS, an a..
Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - 66 channel w/10 Hz updates
We carry a few different GPS modules here in the Adafruit shop, but none that satisfied our every..
Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield - Includes GPS Module
DESCRIPTION Brand new and better than ever, we've replaced our Adafruit GPS shield kit with t..
Arduino USB Host Shield
The Arduino USB Host Shield allows you to connect an USB device to your Arduino board. The Arduino U..
CC4000 GPS Module Kit
Know where you are when the need arises with TI’s SimpleLink™ CC4000 GPS solution. TI&rs..
GPS Antenna - External Active Antenna - 3-5V 28dB 5 Meter SMA
Give your Ultimate GPS V3 a boost with this external active antenna. This GPS antenna draws about 10..
Gps Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo
This product has been discontinued. NOTE: This product is compatible with Arduino, Rasp..
GPS Module with Enclosure
INTRODUCTION You must have used a GPS receiver. It is easy to be found in most places, such as sm..
GPS Receiver - GP-735 (56 Channel)
Description The GP-735 is a slim, ultra-high performance, easy to use GPS smart antenna receiver...
Grove - GPS
This Grove - GPS module is a cost-efficient and field-programmable gadget armed with a SIM28 (U-blox..
Interface Cable SMA to U.FL
Description This is a 4" connector cable that interfaces U.FL RF connectors to regular SMA c..
Internal GPS Antenna
Internal GPS Antenna to use with our GPS module. Description Frequency: GPS 1575.42 MH..
Internal Speaker for 3G Shield (GSM/GPRS/3G)
Passive 2 channels Internal Speaker for 3G/GPRS shield for Arduino. Make your own phone with Ar..
LoNet 808 - Mini GSM/GPRS + GPS Breakout
This board based on the latest SIMCOM SIM808 GSM/GPS module, it offers cellular GSM and GPRS data al..

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