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Atlas Scientific EZO ORP Circuit
Reads Range Accuracy Max rate Supported probes Calibration Temp. compensation  Data ..
Atlas Scientific EZO pH Circuit
Although it is a common measurement, accurately reading pH is very difficult. Atlas Scientific&rsquo..
Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH Probe
This Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH probe is our highest accuracy pH probe. The internal double junct..
Atlas Scientific pH Kit
If you are new to electrochemical sensing, knowing what components you need can get confusing. Let u..
A-10 Analog Pressure Sensor
Specification Reads Pressure (PSIG) Range 10 PSIG (68.947 kPa) ..
A-100 Analog Pressure Sensor
Specification Reads             Pressure (PSIG) Range  &..
Ag/Cl Reference Electrode
This product is designed for electrochemical researchers. To use this product correctly, you must u..
Anti-Fouling Probe Screen
Copper is a potent, naturally occurring biocide; toxic to both invertebrates and bacteria. Using a c..
Atlas IoT Monitoring Software
Version 3.1.16 Convert your Raspberry Pi into a professional water monitoring system. Atlas iot&t..
Atlas Science Mini Conductivity Probe K 1.0
Works just as good as the full-size conductivity probe, only smaller. What else is there to say.&nbs..
Atlas Scientific 1/2" Flow Meter
Specification • Accurate to ± 5% • Material: Polypropylene • 1/2” F..
Atlas Scientific 1/2" Flow Meter Kit
Specification • 1 EZO™ Universal Flow Meter Totalizer Circuit • 1 1/2" Fema..
Atlas Scientific 1/2" Pre-Filter
• 80 Mesh stainless steel pre-filter (178 microns) • 1/2” Female NPT Input/Output&n..
Atlas Scientific 1/2" Tubing - Per Foot
Quantity is ordered as the length in feet. Specifications: • Max pressure 1,585 KPA (230 ..
Atlas Scientific 1/4" Flow Meter
Specification • Tinned lead connector • Accurate to ± 5%..

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