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F1031V Mass Air Flow Sensor
F1031V Mass Air Flow Sensor adopts thermodynamic principle to detect flow rate of gas medium in the ..
Fermion: AS7341 11-Channel Visible Light Sensor (Breakout)
We live in a colorful world, but how much do you really know about color? You eyes may deceive you..
Fermion: BLE Sensor Beacon Pack (5PCS)
What is BLE Beacon? BLE Beacon, also known as Low Energy Bluetooth Beacon, is a small wireless de..
Fermion: BMP280 Digital Pressure Sensor (Breakout)
INTRODUCTION This is a breakout version of BMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor from DFRobot with te..
Fermion: ENS160 Air Quality Sensor (Breakout)
This Fermion: ENS160 Air Quality Sensor, based on ScioSense's new ENS160 sensor chip, is specifi..
Fermion: ICG 20660L Accel+Gyro 6-Axis IMU Module (Breakout)
The ICG-20660L is a high-precision 6-axis IMU module that integrates a 3-axis accelerometer(±..
Fermion: LWLP5000 Differential Pressure Sensor - ±500pa (Breakout)
INTRODUCTION This high-resolution differential pressure sensor with I2C communication is used to ..
Fermion: MEMS Gas Sensor - MiCS-2714 (Breakout)
This is a hydrogen and nitrogen oxide gas concentration sensor launched by DFRobot. The sensor us..
Fermion: MEMS Gas Sensor - MiCS-5524 (Breakout)
This is a hydrogen and nitrogen oxide gas concentration sensor launched by DFRobot. The sensor us..
Fermion: Multifunctional Environmental Sensor (Breakout)
This multifunctional environmental sensor comprises SHTC3 temperature & humidity sensor, BMP280 ..
Fermion: SGP40 Air Quality Sensor (Breakout)
The SGP40 Air Quality sensor adopts the new SGP40 digital VOC sensor chip launched by the well-known..
Fermion: SHTC3 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Breakout)
The SHTC3 digital humidity sensor from Sensirion builds on the success of the proven SHTC1 sensor an..
Fermion: TMF8801 ToF Distance Ranging Sensor (20-2500mm) (Breakout)
The TMF8801 is a time-of-flight (ToF) distance ranging sensor that uses the time difference between ..
Fermion: VL53L3CX ToF Distance Ranging Sensor (Breakout)
INTRODUCTION The VL53L3CX is the latest Time-of-Flight (ToF) product from STMicroelectronics and ..
Fermion: VL6180X ToF Distance Ranging Sensor (Breakout)
The STMicroelectronics VL6180X Time of Flight Ranging Sensor embeds ST’s patented FlightSense&..

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