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Let's make - Breathalyser
  Description Is there such a thing as the Ballmer peak? It's the idea that moderate ..
Let's Make - Datalogger for Temp. and Humidity
Just connect mikromedia for XMEGA, Battery Boost shield with SHT1X PROTO ..
Let's make - mikroWeb server
Description The mikromedia-based mikroWebserver is the easiest way to remotely monitor and contro..
Let's make - Pedometer
Description For sensor Pedometer uses ADXL345 3-axis digital accelerometer: http://www.analo..
Let's make - Programmable Timer Relays (AVR)
Washing machines, electric ovens, garden sprinklers, TV and even home bakeries all have a programm..
Let's make - Programmable Timer Relays (PIC)
Following AVR version, we present your with PIC version of Programmable relay timers project...
Let's make - RFid Lock with 4 Relays
Using PIC-Ready with PIC18F4520, RFid reader, Relay 4 board, along with E..
Let's Make - Voice Chess
Description Challenge the MCU on your mikromedia plus for STM32 to a game of chess. The game is a..
Let's make project - WiFi Control Demo
Wireless control is now in every home. Wireless internet communication is a must have in modern devi..

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