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    Nintendo DS Touch Screen
    Description This is a 4-wire analog touch screen originally designed for the Nintendo DS. Add thi..
    OBD-II connector
    Description OBDII is an on board diagnostics standard that is used on a large variety of cars. OB..
    Phidgets Dual Relay Board
    Description This board has 2 SPDT mechanical relays rated at 210W for DC or 1750VA for AC. The..
    Raspberry Pi - Model B+ - 512 MB RAM
    This Product has been discontinued. Who wants pi? The Raspberry Pi has made quite a splash since ..
    Relay Module With Optoisolator - 4 Channel
    This is a 5V 4-Channel Relay interface board, be able to control various appliances, and other equip..
    SparkFun Block for Intel Edison - ADC
    The Intel® Edison is an ultra-small computing platform that will change the way you look at embe..
    SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V
    Description This is the newest revision of our FTDI Basic. We now use a SMD 6-pin header on ..
    SparkFun IOIO-OTG - V2.2
    Description Are you a Java developer looking to add advanced hardware I/O capabilities to your An..
    SparkFun LilyPad Arduino Simple Board
    Description:  This is the LilyPad Arduino Simple Board. It’s controlled by an ATmega32..
    SparkFun LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap
    The LilyPad SimpleSnap is a new, easy way to create e-textiles projects with LilyPad that are modula..
    SparkFun LilyPad Arduino USB - ATmega32U4 Board
    This is the LilyPad Arduino USB board, controlled by an ATmega32U4 with the Arduino bootloader. It h..
    Sparkfun Lilypad LED (5 Pcs) - Green
    Description This is a simple pack of five Green LilyPad LEDs that are still attached to one anoth..
    SparkFun LilyPad LED Red (5pcs)
    This is a simple pack of five Red LilyPad LEDs that are still attached to one another, letting you s..
    SparkFun LilyPad LED White (5pcs)
    A simple, very bright, 250mcd, white LED LilyPad. Light up the night! LilyPad is a wearable e-tex..
    Sparkfun LilyPad LED Yellow (5pcs)
    DESCRIPTION This is a simple pack of five Yellow LilyPad LEDs that are still attached to one anot..

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