High Power LED 1W with 16mm - Green

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High Power LED 1W with 16mm - Green

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Cree is one of the leading development and production is very bright and reliable LEDs. One xlamps up to 50% brighter than other products on the market. Xlamp product family integrates a high-power LEDs've cree innovative SMD (surface mount device) packaging technology. The resulting product offers optimal conditions for a competitive price as unrivaled lighting solutions LED technology.

Technical parameters:

Quantity: 10 
Power: 1w / 3w 
Model name: cree XPe 
emitted color: Green 
Wavelength: 520Nm-530nm 
Brightness: 90lm ~ 100L 
DC forward voltage (VF): 3.2v-3.4vdc 
DC forward current (if any): 350mA ~ 1000mA 
maximum pulse voltage: 3.8v 
maximum pulse current: 1200mA 
Opinion open angle: 120 degrees 
diameter: 8/12/14/16 / 20mm option 
Usage: home / street / architectural lighting


High-power LED 3W widely used in general illumination, contour LED lights, garden LED

lights, ceiling LED lights, decorative LED lights, architectural LED lighting, LED

street lamps and so on.


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