TDA4VM Edge AI starter kit (board only) for edge AI vision systems - 8 TOPS

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TDA4VM Edge AI starter kit (board only) for edge AI vision systems - 8 TOPS

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Bring smart cameras, robots and intelligent machines to life with the TDA4VM processor starter kit. With a fast setup process and an assortment of foundational demos and tutorials, you can start prototyping a vision-based application in less than an hour. The kit enables 8 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of deep learning performance and hardware-accelerated edge AI processing without any hand-tooling. You can unleash high-speed AI in your embedded application only using Linux and industry standard APIs (TensorFlow Lite, ONNX Runtime, TVM, GStreamer, Docker, ROS, OpenGL ES).

Out-of-box video: Watch us unbox and setup the starter kit

  • PerformanceTDA4VM processor enables 8 TOPS deep learning performance and hardware-accelerated edge AI at low power
  • Camera interfaces—two CSI-2 ports compatible with Raspberry Pi and a high-speed 40-pin Semtec camera connector connecting up to eight cameras (requires TIDA-01413 sensor fusion add-on card)
  • Connectivity—three USB 3.0 Type A ports, one USB 3.0 Type C ports, one ethernet port, one M.2 Key E connector and one M.2 Key M connector, four CAN-FD interfaces, four UART terminals over one USB bridge
  • Memory—DRAM, LPDDR4‐4266, 4 gigabytes total memory, support for inline ECC
  • Display—DisplayPort with up to 4K resolution with MST support and 1080 HDMI

Technical documentation

User guide SK-TDA4VM User's Guide (Rev. C) PDF|HTML 10 Oct 2022
  Certificate J721EXSKG01EVM EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) (Rev. A)   16 Nov 2022
  User guides Edge AI software and development tools   07 Feb 2022
  Application note Performance and power benchmarking with TDA4 Edge AI processors PDF|HTML 01 Sep 2021
  Application note Jacinto 7 Camera Capture and Imaging Subsystem PDF|HTML 07 Jul 2021
  Application note Hardware Accelerated Structure From Motion on TDA4VM PDF|HTML 23 Apr 2021
  Application note Efficient Visual Localization on TDA4VM (Rev. A) PDF|HTML 19 Apr 2021
  Application note TDA4VMid VPAC ISP Tuning Overview (Rev. A) PDF|HTML 14 Jan 2021
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