Games and Science Toys for kids. A great way to develop an interest in STEM education. Science games for your Inventor Kid!

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130-In-1 Electronics Playground
Inexpensive electronics kit with high value! A great introduction to the world of electronics! ..
14 In 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit (New) By OWI Robotics
• 14 different robot transformations • Unique accessories and parts to make rob..
2 in 1 Dome & Disc Projector by Tedco Toys
Our fun Astro Starlight Dome Projector Torch is supplied with 2 domes, one projects 'star-like&#..
2-In-1 Gearbox
This quality motor and gearbox set is ideal for your DIY moving projects, and a great way to learn s..
3 in 1 Solar Stallion by OWI Robotics
Triple your fun in the sun with 3- in-1 Solar Stallion. This solar-powered kit helps kids understand..
3D Illusion Maker by Tedco Toys
Kids will marvel at this fun toy that creates holograms -- realistic three-dimensional images which ..
6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit by Elenco
  Teach kids the benefits of solar energy - in a fun and imaginative way. Winner of the Dr. ..
7 in 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers by OWI Robotics
• 7 in 1 rechargeable solar transformers • The kit can buil..
Aerial Cable Car By OWI Robotics
Some of the world’s aerial tramways transport people to breathtaking views and allows them to have p..
AM Radio Kit (Combo Transistor and IC)
AM Radio kit and training course - 7 Transistors and 2 Diodes This training course is divided i..
AM/FM Radio Kit (Combo IC & Transistor)
The unique design of the Radio Kit (Combo IC & Transistor) allows you to place the parts over th..
Amazing Penguin - Crystal wonder by Tedco Toys
The penguin life cycle is an excellent way to teach your youngster about the wonders of biology!! ..
Amazing Sheep - Crystal Wonder by Tedco Toys
Who knew wool could grow from paper?! Simply assemble as directed, pour on the magic solution and wa..
ATR - All Terrain Robot By OWI Robotics
• Multi-function tracked mobile robotic kit • Moves forward, backward, turn, grip and lif..
Attacking Inch Worm By OWI Robotics
• Experiment with alternate energy with this versatile kit • Quick to assemble and requir..

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