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Tamiya 70190 Mini Motor Multi-Ratio Gearbox (12-Speed) Kit
Overview The mini-motor gearbox kit from Tamiya makes it easy to get a small robot or plastic mod..
Tamiya 70192 Slick Tire Set (4 tires)
The Tamiya slick tire set contains four wheels with arched tires, each with a diameter of 31 mm..
Tamiya 70194 Spike Tire Set (2 tires)
The Tamiya 70194 spike tire set includes two wheels designed for bumpy and rough surfaces, each with..
Tamiya 89916 4-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit - Clear
Overview The Tamiya 4-speed crank-axle gearbox has four possible gear ratios, including the highe..
Tamiya Dual Motor GearBox
Description:  Dual gearbox from Tamiya. This is an excellent way to get started quickly with..
TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier
Overview The TB6612FNG (308k pdf) is a great dual motor driver that is perfect for inte..
TowerPro SG-90 Micro Servo
This is a micro servo from Towerpro. It only weights 9g and provides a torque. It will com..
Links e-Manual TB3 Homepage ROS Community GitHub STL Drawing ..
This product has been discontinued by manufacturer. ..
ULN 2003
ULN2003 is a high voltage and high current Darlington array IC. It contains seven open collecto..
UXA-90 Humanoid Robot
  Well-proportioned 1m tall humanoid shaped robot Fall detection algorithm utilizing a ..
Vacuum Pump - 12V
Description This vacuum pump really sucks! This pump operates at 12V and has enough suction for m..
Voice Modulator IC - HT8950
Description Want to sound like a robot? The HT8950 is a single chip CMOS LSI voice modulator ICs ..
Wheels Bo Motor
  High quality Plastic Wheel for DC BO motors with Dtype diameter. Used For Bo1 and..
WiDo - Open Source IoT Node (Arduino Compatible)
INTRODUCTION Wido is an Arduino compatible WIFI IoT Node development board, which integrates with..

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