1-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface

Product Code: NCD PR16-10

1-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface
1-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface
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This general purpose IoT 1-Channel SPDT Relay Shield is capable of hosting many types of IoT communication modules, including Particle Photon, Electron, Arduino, and more.  The on-board SPDT relay is ideally suited for control of low to medium power loads up to an absolute maximum 10 Amps at 240VAC depending on relay chosen during purchase.  This IoT 1-Channel SPDT Relay Shield has three connection terminals for the on-board SPDT relay.  This design is suitable for some mildly inductive loads when used with external induction suppression capacitors, but focuses primarily on resistive load switching.  This 1 Channel SPDT Relay Shield includes 5 or 10-Amp SPDT relays, customized when added to your shopping cart.

This controller is based on the MCP23008, a common I2C interface chip for GPIO applications.  In this design, the GPIO port is used to control a SPDT relay.  Seven programmable Digital Input/Output port pins are also available via screw terminals for use in Contact Closure detection applications or monitor and control external TTL circuits.  Three on-board address jumpers allow up to 8 similar devices (based on the MCP23008 or MCP23017) to be chained to the same I2C bus for individual control.  On-board status LED displays the on/off status of the relay.  This 1 Channel SPDT Relay Shield controller may be powered using our optional power supply or with 12VDC and direct screw terminal connection of bare power wires.  The on-board relay is accessible to the user via screw terminals, capable of accepting 12 AWG wire.

This IoT 1-Channel SPDT Relay Shield Can be used with WiPy, WiPy2,Lopy,Onion Omega, Arduino Nano, Arduino Micro, ESP8266 using IoT interface adapter.


Leverage the power of and Particle services to do almost anything.  Send a tweet if someone rings your doorbell, send a notification to your phone if someone opens a door, turn on almost anything right from your phone with simple setup, the possibilities are endless.  NCD provides this controller with a pre-programmed Particle Photon module for easy connection to IFTTT.  No programming required!  Just use the simple IFTTT interface to setup your different configurations.

Powered By Particle

Give your Particle Photon the power to interact with the real world in ways never before possible.  Complete with a Particle Photon module pre-flashed with our custom IFTTT firmware, NCD compatible shields allow for control of many types of relays, monitoring digital and analog sensors, and much much more.  Chain I²C accessory boards to your system to add whatever you may need for your next control and automation project.

What is the NCD IoT Interface?

The NCD IoT Interface provides users with a means of changing or upgrading the IoT communications technology as new technologies emerge.  The NCD IoT Interface is directly compatible with Particle Photon for WiFi communications, Electron for Cellular Communications, Bluz for Bluetooth.  Optionally, adapters may be installed to provide a direct interface to Arduino Nano, Micro, USB, PyCom WyPy, Onion Omega, Raspberry Pi, and much more.  The NCD IoT interface allows you to re-use your hardware so it never becomes obsolete!  Based on I2C communications, the NCD IoT Interface uses only 2 GPIO lines of your microcontroller, freeing the rest of your CPU for other tasks.

Unlimited I2C Expansion

Based on our plug-and-play I2C interface standard, all NCD IoT devices are equipped with a I2C expansion port, making it easy to expand to a wide variety of sensors, current monitors, relay controllers, PWM controllers, and much more!  We are always designing new expansions for our plug-and-play I2C framework.  We are dedicated to building a product line of interconnected devices to simplify all forms of automation.  Re-use or upgrade your hardware in seconds by selecting the modules that best fit your needs, and chaining them together using the included I2C expansion cables!

5-Amp SPDT Relay Option

This controller is available with a 5-Amp relay option, allowing control of higher-power loads up to an absolute maximum of 240VAC at 5 Amps. Ideal for general purpose switching applications, this relays is focused on power-switching, and should never be used for low-power signals due to a higher On resistance of up to 150 Ohms when relay contacts are new (contact resistance drops to less than 1 Ohm after break-in period). The 5-Amp relay is of the SPDT variety, which provides Common (C), Normally Open (NO), and Normally Closed (NC) connections. Common is connected to NC when the relay is off. Common disconnects from NC and connects to NO when the relay is activated.  All connections are made via screw terminals, capable of accepting up to 12 AWG wire.


  • 1-Channel Relay Controller with IoT Interface
  • 7-Channel Programmable Digital Input/Output (GPIO)
  • Compatible with Electron, Photon, Bluz, or RedBear
  • Adaptable to Onion, PyCom, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • MCP23008 I2C Controlled Mechanical SPDT Relays
  • General Purpose Switching with 5 or 10-Amp Relays
  • World’s Most Expandable Controller with I2C Expansion Port
  • Wireless Remote Operation with Key Fob Expansion Option
  • ESP8266 and USB IoT Interface Modules are Also Available
  • IFTTT Firmware Available for Internet Relay Control
  • Example Libraries Available on GitHub
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