130-In-1 Electronics Playground

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130-In-1 Electronics Playground
130-In-1 Electronics Playground
130-In-1 Electronics Playground

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Inexpensive electronics kit with high value!

A great introduction to the world of electronics!

The Learning Center includes these built-in components

If you are interested in a very complete electronics learning experience, in a relatively inexpensive way, this is the kit for you!

The easy-to-build circuits teach you about individual components and how they operate. You will learn how connecting the components in diverse combinations results in very different functions and why. You will enjoy making different sound effects, light effects, timers, and electronic testers.

The circuits are easy to build. Fully assembled, the components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, etc) are built into the learning center, with springs attached to each end of the components. You will attach wires to different springs as the method of connecting the components into a circuit.

Building the circuits is as easy as 1, 2, 3...137,138. Each spring connector has a number associated with it (1 to 138), and the directions for each activity lists the numbers of each spring connector that need to be connected and in what order.

Each activity is described in a variety of forms. There is an engineering schematic to demonstrate how the circuit would officially be drawn by an engineer, a number list of the spring connectors to connect, and a write-up explaining the circuit and engineering concepts you are learning.

Examples of circuits to build include:

electronic metronome, light dimmer, sound amplifier, basic LED display, diode-transistor logic (DTL) OR circuit with LED display, transistor-transistor logic (TTL) gates, winking LEDs, electronic organ, LED strobe light, burglar alarm, logic tester, study timer, two transistor radio, AM radio station, and a metal detector.

ELECTRONIC PLAYGROUND & LEARNING CENTER 130 provides an opportunity to start a great hobby in electronics!


Product Specifications:

  • Ages: 12+
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Box Size: 16" x 12" x 3.75"

Product Notes:

  • Batteries Required: Six (6) "AA" batteries, not included.
  • 11 Technology Areas for Circuit Building:
  • Entertainment Circuits (14 Circuits)
  • Basic Semiconductor & Components Circuits (8 Circuits)
  • LED Digital Display Circuits (4 Circuits)
  • A Tour Through Digital Circuits (7 Circuits)
  • More Adventures with Digital Circuits (14 Circuits)
  • The World of Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) (12 Circuits)
  • Application Circuits Based on the Oscillator (10 Circuits)
  • Basic Operational Amplifier Circuits (27 Circuits)
  • More Adventures with operational Amplifiers (12 Circuits)
  • Communication Circuits (6 Circuits)
  • Testing & Measuring Circuits (16 Circuits)


Product Contents:

  • 1 Bar Antenna
  • 2 Battery Boxes
  • 12 Capacitors
  • 1 Capacitor, variable
  • 1 CdS Cell
  • 1 CdS Holder
  • 1 Digital Display PCB Assembly
  • 1 Diode, Germanium
  • 1 Diode, Silicon
  • 2 Frames
  • 2 Integrated Circuits
  • 1 Key Switch
  • 3 LEDs
  • 1 Nut
  • 2 PCBs
  • 15 Resistors
  • 1 Resistor, Variable
  • 7 Screws
  • 1 Slide Switch
  • 1 Speaker
  • 138 Springs
  • 1 Transformer
  • 3 Transistors
  • 4 Washers
  • 1 Earphone
  • 79 Wires (to connect circuits, various colors & lengths)
  • Black & White Instruction Manual, 159 pages

Product Warnings & Safety Information:

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - SMALL PARTS. This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Start a great hobby in electronics. Spring coil connections make it safe and easy for anyone to use. Includes detailed; step-by-step illustrated manual for easy construction. Comes with built-in speaker; 7-segment LED display; two integrated circuits and rotary controls. Everything you need to build an AM Broadcast Station; Electronic Organ; Strobe Lights ; Timer; Logic Circuits and Much More!


Everything You Need to Build:

  • AM Broadcast Station
  • Timer
  • Electronic Organ
  • Logic Circuits
  • LED Strobe Light

Dimensions (inches):

  • 16x12325x3.75


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