2 in 1 Dome & Disc Projector by Tedco Toys

Product Code: ESGED148

2 in 1 Dome & Disc Projector by Tedco Toys

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Our fun Astro Starlight Dome Projector Torch is supplied with 2 domes, one projects 'star-like' dots to give the illusion of a starry night sky, the other projects space scenes including space ships, astronaut, stars and a satellite, onto a wall, ceiling or flat surface. Our other hand held projector torches in stock are available in a choice of 3 designs: Dome, Slide or Photo, and a whole assortment of themes. The Dome Projector Torch is supplied with 2 domes which clip over the torch lens to be projected against a flat surface, available in 3 themes: Astro Starlight, Sea Creatures & Wildlife. All designs are ideal for any sensory dark den or to promote visual tracking, concentration, and focus skills. Excellent for opening discussion, and promoting interest and curiosity in the world about us. Measure approx 15cm x 3cm, domes measure approx 6cm diameter. Batteries are not included. Age 5 Years+

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