3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)

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3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)
3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)
3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)
3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)

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Key Parameters

LCD Controller ILI9325
Touch Screen Controller XPT2046
LCD Interface 16-bit parallel
Touch Screen Interface SPI
Backlight LED
Colors 65536
Resolution 320*240 DOTS



Note : this product should work with MCUs with 2.2V~3.6V IO voltage ONLY.

Pin No. Symbol Description Function
1 5V 5V power supply When powered from 5V supply, 
Pin 1 & Pin 2 as power input,
Pin 33 & Pin 34 provide 3.3V output.
2 GND Ground GND
3 D0 Data pin D0-D15
4 D1
5 D2
6 D3
7 D4
8 D5
9 D6
10 D7
11 D8
12 D9
13 D10
14 D11
15 D12
16 D13
17 D14
18 D15
19 CS LCD chip select Low active
20 RS Instruction/Data register selection RS = 1 : Data Register
RS = 0 : Instruction Register
21 WR Write WR = 0, RD = 1
22 RD Read WR = 1, RD = 0
23 RESET Reset the controller chip Low active
24 NC Not connect Not connect
25 BLVCC 5V or 3.3V Backlight VCC
26 BLGND Ground Backlight GND
27 BLCNT Backlight brightness adjustment Control the backlight brightness via PWM
28 TP_IRQ Touch screen interrupt Low level while the touch screen detects pressing
29 TP_CS Touch screen chip select Low active
30 TP_SCK Touch screen SPI clock connects to SPI SCK
31 TP_SI Touch screen data input connects to SPI MOSI
32 TP_SO Touch screen data output connects to SPI MISO
33 3.3V 3.3V power supply When powered from 3.3V supply, 
Pin 33 & Pin 34 as power input,
Pin 1 & Pin 2 keep NC.
34 GND Ground  


  • 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C) x 1

Development resources:schematic, code, datasheets, etc.


External Dimension

3.2inch-320x240-Touch-LCD-C external dimension


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