3D Printer Filament -ABS 3.0mm(WHITE)

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3D Printer Filament -ABS 3.0mm(WHITE)

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Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a common thermoplastic used in many applications. ABS is a strong, flexible durable plastic available in a range of colors. ABS is the plastic Lego which made from and is perfect for heated plastic extrusion 3D printing.

Our ABS filament runs on all 3D printers with 3,00mm hotend and meets the highest quality standards. The tolerance on diameter 3,00 mm is + / - 0.10 mm.
The extruder is being continuously supplied with a stable extrusion mass, this ensures a reliable print quality.
For the ABS filament is recommended to have a heated bed. 
From 1 kg ABS filament you can print 1 Kg 3D models.
3.00mm ABS filament properties:
Filament: ABS 3.00 mm
Delivered on a practical spool á 1 kg
Optimum extrusion temperature: 215-250 ° C (depending on the printer and print accuracy)
No unpleasant smells during printing
Is compatible with all popular 3D printers (ABS ) on the market!
Diameter of the spool holder: 4.50 cm


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