3pi+ 32U4 Control Board

Product Code: Pololu #3735

3pi+ 32U4 Control Board
3pi+ 32U4 Control Board
3pi+ 32U4 Control Board
3pi+ 32U4 Control Board

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The 3pi+ 32U4 Control Board is designed to be assembled with a 3pi+ Chassis Kit and a pair of 6V Micro Metal Gearmotors with extended motor shafts to create a 3pi+ 32U4 robot. This product is primarily intended as a replacement product for the 3pi+ 32U4 robots and kits that already include it or for those who want to build a 3pi+ 32U4 robot with different gearmotor versions than the ones offered with those complete kits and assembled robots.

Included components

The 3pi+ 32U4 Control Board ships with all of its surface-mount components populated, and it includes the following through-hole parts and mounting hardware:

  • one buzzer
  • jumper wires for soldering motors to the board
  • two magnetic encoder discs
  • one low-profile 2×7 male header for use with an 8×2 character LCD (not included)
  • four single battery contacts
  • four 3/16″ #2-56 screws and nuts for mounting the board to a 3pi+ Chassis



Size: 2.6″ × 3.4″
Weight: 20 g1

General specifications

Processor: ATmega32U4 @ 16 MHz
RAM size: 2560 bytes
Program memory size: 32 Kbytes2
Motor driver: DRV8838
Motor channels: 2
Minimum operating voltage: 2.7 V
Maximum operating voltage: 6.5 V
Continuous output current per channel: 1.8 A
Logic voltage: 5 V
Reverse voltage protection?: Y
External programmer required?: N

Identifying markings

PCB dev codes: 3pi03a
Other PCB markings: 0J13071


  • Without included hardware.
  • Note that 4 KB of the MCU's 32 KB of flash memory is used by the pre-installed USB bootloader. All 32 KB is available when programming via the ISP header rather than the bootloader.
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