(4 inch)100mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheels Bush Right 14162R

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(4 inch)100mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheels Bush Right 14162R

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The mecanum wheel is one design for a wheel which can move in any direction. It is sometimes called the ilon wheel after its Swedish inventor: Bengt Ilon. This wheel contain a series of rollers which have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane of the wheel in a plane parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel attached to its circumference.


Diameter:4 inches(100mm)
Number of Rollers:9
Number of Plates:2
Body material:Aluminium alloy
Roller material:PP+PE
Spacer material:Nylon
Length of roller:19mm
Load capacity:15Kg

Compatible with coupling size link:

6mm universel de montage en aluminium moyeux accouplement  18007:

8mm Universal Aluminum hubs 18008:

10mm universal aluminum mounting hub 18009:

12mm Universal Aluminum hubs 18010:

16mm universal aluminum mounting hubs for shaft 18012:

8mm Aluminum Key Hub 18024:

10mm Aluminum Key Hub 18025:

12mm Aluminum Key Hub 18017:

16mm Aluminum Key Hub 18026:

10mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18029:

12mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18030:

16mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18031:

6mm new aluminum spacer  with key (hub)18032:

8mm new aluminum spacer  with key (hub)18033:

10mm new aluminum spacer  with key (hub)18034:

1/4″ universal aluminum mounting hubs for shaft 18079:

3/8″ universal aluminum mounting hubs for shaft 18080:

3/8″ aluminum key hub 18081:

1/2″ D-Shaft aluminum hub 18082:

1/2″ aluminum key hub 18083:

5/8″ aluminum key hub 18084:

6mm 3 piece black anodized coupling sets 18005:

14mm Stainless Steel Key Hub 18014:

Download PDF Files:

100mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheel Leftpdf
Mecanum Wheelpdf

Download STP Files:

100mm Mecanum wheel

100mm-aluminum-mecanum-wheels-set-basic-14162-right-3 100mm-aluminum-mecanum-wheels-set-basic-14162-right-4 100mm-aluminum-mecanum-wheels-set-basic-14162-right-2

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