4WD Omni Wheel Arduino Compatible Mobile Robotics car

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4WD Omni Wheel Arduino Compatible Mobile Robotics car

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4WD Omni Wheel Arduino Compatible Mobile Robotics car 10008

This is a 4 omni wheel arduino compatible robotics car for autonomous and research applications. It is capable of moving in an arbitrary direction continuously without changing the direction of the wheels. It includes Arduino microcontroller, IO expansion and DC motor with encoders, and can be programmable with the open source Arduino Language. It is a useful learning kit for students to learn and enjoy of the fun of omni directional movements.


  • 4 wheel drive

  • Omni wheel

  • Aluminum alloy body

  • DC motors with encoders

  • Easily expandable with pre-drilled holes

  • Capable of moving in any direction without turning orientation


  • Appearance: Square

  • Length: 250mm

  • Width: 250mm

  • Height: 100mm

  • Wheel Diameter: 100mm

  • Wheel Thickness: 38mm

  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane

  • Wheelbase: 260mm

  • Chassis Material: Aluminum

  • Color: Yellow

  • Speed: 0.6 m/s

  • Climbing Capacity: 20 degree incline

  • Load Capacity: 10 KG

  • Controller: Arduino ATMega328P, IO Expansion Board

  • PC 104 Compatible: Yes


  • Type: 90 degree Omni Wheel

  • Diameter: 100mm or 123mm

  • Thickness: 38mm

  • Material: Nylon or Aluminium Alloy

  • Load capacity: 20kg

  • Material: Rubber or Nylon

  • Diameter of Roller: 19mm

  • Length of Roller: 19mm

  • Coupled Mode: Brass Tube or bearings

What’s in the Box:

  • Mobile Robot Learning Platform

  • 100mm Omni wheel X 4

  • 12 V DC Motor with encoder X 4

  • Arduino 328 Microcontroller

  • Arduino IO expansion board

  • 12V Ni-Mh Battery

  • 12V Charger

Download PDF Files:

4WD 100mm omni wheel learning kit 10008pdf
Arduino microcontroller board 10008pdf
Arduino IO Expansion 10008pdf

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