Adapter - TSSOP16 /SSOP16 /MSOP16 /SO16 /SOP16 /SOIC16

Product Code: MGSL 0224

Adapter - TSSOP16 /SSOP16 /MSOP16 /SO16 /SOP16 /SOIC16
Adapter - TSSOP16 /SSOP16 /MSOP16 /SO16 /SOP16 /SOIC16

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This is a Double-Side PCB Circuit Board, each PCB board has 16 pins.
A side for pin pitch size 1.27mm, it can be used for most of the SO16/SOP16/SOIC16 to 2.54mm DIP.
B side for pin pitch size 0.65mm, it can be used for most of the SSOP16/TSSOP16/MSOP16 to 2.54mm DIP.
The PCB board mounting 2.54mm pitch Pin Header,it can be plugged directly into 2.54mm pitch PCB board,breadboard and 600mil width 16 pin DIP socket.


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