Analog System Lab Kit PRO

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Analog System Lab Kit PRO
Analog System Lab Kit PRO
Analog System Lab Kit PRO
Analog System Lab Kit PRO

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ASLK PRO Development kit has been produced by mikroElektronika for Texas Instruments. This kit is designed for undergraduate engineering students to perform analog lab experiments.


The main idea behind ASLK PRO is to provide a cost efficient platform or test bed for students to realize almost any analog system using general purpose ICs such as OP-Amps and analog multipliers.

Everything that engineer needs

ASLK PRO comes with three general-purpose operational amplifiers (TL082) and three wide-bandwidth precision analog multipliers (MPY634) from Texas Instruments. We have also included two 12-bit parallel-input multiplying digital-to-analog converters DAC7821, a wide-input non-synchronous buck-type DC/DC controller TPS40200, and a low dropout regulator TPS7250 from Texas Instruments. A portion of ASLK PRO is left for general-purpose prototyping which can be used for carrying out mini-projects.

Manuals and Schematics

All you need to get started: user-friendly manual which guides you through 14 great laboratory exercises which help you to understand on-board modules through interesting and useful experiments. These examples are a great starting point for your future projects. User manual is easy to read, with good explanations and lots of photos. We also provided a full-color board schematics and a 100-page graph paper book with linear and logarithmic grid, for easier drawings of graphs required by the experiments.

Package contains

  • Damage resistant protective box
  • ASLK PRO board in antistatic bag
  • Manual, Schematic and Graph paper book
  • Wire jumpers, transistors, and diodes


 ASLK PRO User Manual

 ASLK PRO Schematics

 ASLK PRO Graph Paper Book

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