Arcade Joystick - fight

Product Code: MGSL-005

Arcade Joystick - fight
Arcade Joystick - fight
Arcade Joystick - fight
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This is a heavy-duty joystick very similar to the ones in claw arcade games. Directional movements are momentary limit switches - one for each direction. This joystick also has a select button that is actuated when the red button is pressed down.

The Joystick comes with a plate that, when installed, limits the movement to only the four primary directions. Without the plate, 8 directions are possible with combinations of switches activating on the diagonal movements.

This joystick is pretty beefy and very tall because of it. Ideally, this joystick would be panel mounted, but actually reading the movement of the joystick is as simple as setting up the microcontroller to read five switches.


Joystick height: 79 mm
Overall height: 190 mm
Base: 61.5 mm
Panel cutout: 55 mm diam. hole and 4 × mounting holes
Microswitch Rating: 10A, 250VAC


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