Arduino IO Expansion Shield(RS485 Sensor Support)

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Arduino IO Expansion Shield(RS485 Sensor Support)

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Nexus Robot provides the ultimate functional expansion for Arduino IO Expansion V1.2 and gives you extra ease to connect device such as sensors, servo and RS485 device.

This sensor expansion board is able to easily connect a number of commonly used sensors.

Key Features:
14 stering gear interface
8 analog IO port and power
6 PWM interface
1 servo external power supply terminal
5 External power supply input pin
RS485 interface
Reset button
Wireless data-transmission interface
Support Xbee (Xbee pro)
Support Bluetooth
Support APC220
Support SD card read/write

Microcontroller: Arduino IO Expansion V1.2
Module power supply: +5 V
Servo power supply: +5V
Module size: 53 X 70mm


Arduino Mega
Arduino Duemilanove (168 and 328)
Arduino Diecimila
Arduino I/O
Arduino LCD
Arduino Motor
Arduino Ethernet


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