Atlas Scientific Consumer Grade pH Probe

Product Code: AS ENV-30-pH

Atlas Scientific Consumer Grade pH Probe

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This pH Probe can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the SMA connector indefinitely.


Silver / silver chloride  
Reads pH
Range 0 − 14
Accuracy +/– 0.002
Connector Female SMA
Resolution +/- 0.0001
Response time 95% in 1s
Max pressure 100 PSI
Max depth 60m (197 ft)
Temperature range °C 1 − 60 °C
Cable length 1 meter
Internal temperature sensor No
Time before recalibration ~1 Year
Life expectancy ~2.5 Years +

Included with pH probe
1x BNC to SMA adapter



Consumer Grade pH Probe Datasheet
How to measure the pH of soil
How to properly cut your probe cable
Connecting probes into a pipe

Dual Probe Holder - 3D printer file
RoHS Certificate
CE Certificate

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