Atlas Scientific PT-1000 Temperature Probe

Product Code: AS PT-1000

Atlas Scientific PT-1000 Temperature Probe

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The PT-1000 can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the BNC connector indefinitely.

• Accuracy +/- (0.15 + (0.002*t))
• Probe type: Class A Platinum, RTD 
  (resistance temperature detector)
• Cable length: 81cm (32")
• Cable material: Silicone rubber
• 30mm sensing area (304 SS)
• 6mm Diameter
• BNC Connector
• Reaction Time: 90% value in 13 seconds
• Probe output: analog
• Full temperature sensing range -200˚C to 850˚C
• Cable max temp 125°C
• Cable min temp -55°C


PT-1000 Datasheet

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