BT-410 Dongle

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BT-410 Dongle

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  • BT-410 dongle converts two interfaces: USB 2.0 interface and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy interface (master function).
  • That is, if you connect BT-410 dongle to the PC, it can be paired with BT-410 Slave module to exchange data (1:1 communication).

How to pair

  • The blue LED on the MT-410 MASTER blinks when it is not paired up.
  • Simply place the BT-410 SLAVE module close by the MASTER to automatically pair up (within 10cm).
  • Once it is paired up, it is able to communication from distance further away. 

Package Components

BT-410 dongle 1

H/W Specifications

Weight 7.5g
Size 50.5mm x 20mm x 10.5mm
Bluetooth Specifications Bluetooth Specification 4.0 Low Energy Support
Effective Communication Range 10m
Bandwidth Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM Band
Bandwidth MAX 128kbps
Default Baud Rate 57600bps
Operating Voltage 5V
Consumed Current 25mA(Max)
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Baud Rate Range 1,200bps ~ 1,000,000bps
Antenna Chip Antenna
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
Sensitivity -81dBm (Typical)
Antenna Power -6 ~ 4dBm (Class 2)

Compatible Products

BT-410 Dongle Compatible Devices

  • BT-410 Slave module

BT-410 Dongle Incompatible Devices

  • BT-410 MASTER module
  • BT-210 MASTER module
  • BT-210 SLAVE module
  • BT-100/110A
  • ZIG-100/110A

Supported PC

  • Windows OS

R+Manager 2.0

(FW Recovery)

R+Manager 2.0

(FW update)

Entry Scratch

R+Task 2.0


R+Motion 2.0


CM-150 O O O O O -
CM-200 O O - O O O
CM-530 O O - - O O
OpenCM7.0 O O O O O -
OpenCM9.04 O O O O O -
Car Robot - - O O - -


  • Install the driver on your PC to use the BT-410 Dongle.


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