BitGadget Kit - Grove Creator Kit for Micro:bit

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BitGadget Kit - Grove Creator Kit for Micro:bit
BitGadget Kit - Grove Creator Kit for Micro:bit
BitGadget Kit - Grove Creator Kit for Micro:bit
BitGadget Kit - Grove Creator Kit for Micro:bit
Brand: Seeedstudio

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BitGadget Kit includes a BitMaker and up to 9 different Grove modules. The most suitable kit for micro:bit intermediate learners to dive deep into the world of micro:bit. One project you could create is your own customized mood lighting with the RGB LED strip which automatically senses when it needs to come on through a light sensor or adjust it manually with a sliding potentiometer and pushbutton.

BitGadget Kit is a must-have for micro:bit intermediate learners.
The included micro:bit expansion board, BitMaker incorporates six Grove connectors, one RGB LED strip and one buzzer to make it possible for some beginners to still use the micro:bit without purchasing extra modules.
If you want to buy BitMaker separately on its own, click here.
The complete BitGadget Kit also includes 1 sliding potentiometer, 1 light sensor, 1 sound sensor, 1 button module, 1 ultrasonic distance sensor, 1 mini fan, 1 motor, 1 servo, 1 RGB LED strip (9 modules in total). You can let your imagination take flight by creating projects with the endless combinations of these components. Scroll down to see project examples.
If you are already an experienced micro:bit user, you can experiment with adding other Grove modules such as a gesture sensor or 4 digit display to enhance your projects. If you haven't heard of Grove before, Grove is a Seeed Studio series which you can read more about here.



BitGadgetKit Part List



Part List 

1 BitMaker

1 Rotary Angle Sensor

1 Light sensor

1 Sound sensor

1 Button

1 Ultrasonic sensor

1 Mini fan

1 Vibration motor

1 Servo

1 RGB LED strip

7 Grove cables

BitGadgetKit Part List


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